Adult Ministries Overview

Adult Ministries May/June 2018

Director: Betsy Butler

Sunday School:

  • Seekers: (Led by Mary Peck in the Canandaigua Room) This group is using the pastor’s weekly “GPS: Grow through Prayer and Study” bulletin inserts to focus their discussions.


  • L.I.F.E.: (Led by Ken and Nancy Gadbow in the Library) This group has started a study of Moses by Adam Hamilton on April 15th and will end May 20th. “Retrace the life of Moses – from his rescue as a baby to the courts of Pharaoh, his Exodus out of Egypt, to his gazing on the Promised Land. Combining historical insights, archaeological data, and the biblical text, Hamilton explores how this reluctant prophet grew in his relationship with God, and how you can overcome your own hesitancy to act boldly for the Lord.” The last date for the LIFE class this school year will be May 27th.


  • The Parlor class is continuing with the study, Believe, by Randy Frazee. “Grounded in carefully selected scripture – like The Story– Believe is a spiritual growth experience. It takes each person on a journey; showing how to think, act, and be more like Jesus. It reveals the key beliefs, practices, and virtues of a Christ-follower.”  The end of Believe is June 24th. This class will continue through the summer with various studies. Please watch the bulletins and the next newsletter for more information.

Congregational Care:

  • Is a ministry of people helping people!
  • Please fill out a card that can be found in the hall by the office if you would like to help or need some help.
  • Put it in the locked box in the hallway and Betsy Butler will contact you.